This module provides RAs and CAs with three main ways of enhancing their ethical practice at work, drawing on the Code of Professional Conduct and thereafter on the Charter of Positive Values produced by South Africa’s Moral Regeneration Movement.

The module uses an opening scenario from a fictitious workplace involving an important decision.

In the first of the three ways of enhancing ethical practice, the module shows that analysing the options is an essentail first step towards sound, ethical decision-making. Then it emphasizes adherence to the five fundamental principles of the profession, followed by consideration of the public interest, as expressed in the MRM Charter of Positive Values.  A short quiz concludes the module.

Educational Aim:

The module is designed to provide RAs and CAs with insights and information about enhancing ethical practice when confronted with important workplace decisions.  Both the Code of Professional Conduct and the Moral Regeneration Movement’s Charter of Positive Values are used for this purpose.

Educational Objectives:

After completing the module, RAs and CAs should be able to do the following:

  1. State what the five fundamental principles of the Code require, in short sentences.
  2. State which of the nine principles of the Charter of Positive Values apply to the work of RAs and CAs, and state concisely what those principles require.
  3. Relate these two sources of ethical guidance to the decision-making process in connection with actual issues they face at work.
: R 240.00 incl. VAT
Expiry Date
: 31/12/2015
CPD Units
: 1.00 Hour
: 2.9/4

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