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by Lourika Els - Wednesday, 15 August 2012, 09:53 AM

Can you believe we are already half way through August? For most accountants, we are effectively midway through the financial year.  In August, our to-do list certainly expands, with our focus and attention been split in various directions. 

We need to prepare the first provisional tax returns for the 2013 tax year, get ready to submit out annual returns for the 2012 financial year, make sure our August payroll is in line to extract our bi-annual IRP5 certificate information and reconciliation, to name but a few! 

Our biggest concern, however, would be that the annual financial statements for companies and CC's with a February 2012 financial year end need to be signed off as per the Companies Act, no 71 of 2008. Remember, the new requirement is six months from year end!  So, do you think we will be getting sleep any time soon??

Prof. Caryn Maitland (Editor-in-Chief of eCPD Accountancy)


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