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Professional ethics and the good society
by Lourika Els - Friday, 15 June 2012, 01:22 PM

There is a growing consensus that the moral fibre of our society is seriously threatened.

Among others, our democratic institutions are being compromised by people in power who choose self-enrichment and the perpetuation of their power above serving the common good and building a better society. 

Economic crimes – such as theft, fraud and corruption – are one of the key elements of this threat to our democracy and the kind of society we wish to build. 

Professionals – and, in particular, accountants and auditors – play a pivotal role in combating economic crime. To this end, they should be more than technically proficient. They need to understand the bigger picture, namely, their role in building a common ethical culture rooted in the values of our Constitution, and a society in which all can flourish. 

This is what ethics eCPD modules are really about.

AuthorProf. Willem Landman 


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