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AOSIS eCPD has been providing online CPD for financial services since June 2012.

We have partnered with the Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA) to offer quality online CPD courses for accountancy to obtain their CPD hours online.



AOSIS eCPD is a commercial service provider that offers professionals the means to perform their continuing professional development (CPD) through online learning.  It is a division of African Online Scientific Information Systems (Pty) Ltd (t/a AOSIS), a private company incorporated in South Africa, and founded in 1999. 

To learn more about the services offered in our AOSIS eCPD division, please visit www.ecpd.co.za.  

In 2005, it extended its services to incorporate scholarly publishing and in 2006 became the official Moodle Partner of South Africa. Moodle is a Learning Management system used 

To learn more about the AOSIS Group, please visit www.aosisgroup.com.



Our vision is to serve all professions with an online CPD service by forming partnerships with credible content providers within these professions.

This is accomplished by providing a large variety of courses written by specialists in their field. The courses are performed on a secure online learning system since 1999.

The key advantages of our service: we eliminate traveling and time away from office or home; provide a dynamic learning environment that is enjoyable and informative; and provide excellent support by a team of dedicated people.



In order to achieve our vision and continue achieving sustainable growth we abide by the following guiding principles:

  • Access: provide easy access to quality content.
  • Variety: build a variety of CPD reading material to ensure a relevant learning experience.
  • Balance: ensure a balance between the quality and diversity of content.
  • Ethics: commit to ethical conduct in our communications and conduct with clients.
  • Partners: shape and add value to the online CPD experience and promote the dissemination of our authors’ material.
  • Quality: ensure that all course material is provided by leaders in their field.
  • People: promote a positive and energised work environment, leading to happy employees and excellent service to our customers.
  • Partners: build and maintain customer relationships and ensure long-term satisfaction for our content providers and clients.
  • Planet: utilise practices and technologies that will reduce the environmental impact of our industry.
  • Pricing: preserve the production of quality CPD courses and its affordability to the professions we serve.
  • Productivity: remain a highly effective and a fast-moving organisation.
  • Preservation: ensure safe preservation of our content for generations to come.
  • Relationships: our service eliminates traveling and time away from office or home.


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