Enhance product awareness as part of your advertising campaign or provide means for your employees to earn CPD points online.

When sponsoring professionals on eCPD Accountancy, you need to consider how you will link and limit your sponsorship to enable you to manage your budget effectively.


Link your sponsorship

A sponsor can have more than one sponsorship linked to their account. This  provides them a greater chance of reaching their target market.

You may choose how many users you want to sponsor on the system. Once a user is logged into the system, he/she will see your sponsored course displayed in their enrolled course list block.

Choose any combination of the following:
  • Amount of users to reach: Single user, groups of users, professions
  • Amount of courses to provide access to: Single course, category of courses


Limit your sponsorship

Sponsorships can be set to end once the first limit is reached in any set of constraints. You may limit your sponsorship to:

  1. Specific date range (starting date to ending date)
  2. Specific period (number of days, weeks, months)
  3. Number of enrolments allowed into a specific course
  4. Number of enrolments per person (if more than one course is sponsored).

Manage your sponsorship

Enrolment summaries can be mailed to you on a monthly or weekly basis.


Cost of sponsorship

Personalised quotes are providedPlease contact us.

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