Price per course

The costs for an online CPD course can be found under the course description. To view the course prices, please browse the list of available CPD courses.

AOSIS eCPD reserves the right to amend the prices from time to time. Read more about the available methods of payment at: How to make a payment.

Please note: Users paying by electronic fund transfer from abroad will be expected to pay the additional bank charges.


Pricing policy

AOSIS eCPD intends to keep the cost of our service reasonable and affordable for you.

The following variables determine the cost per CPD course:

  • The nature of the course
  • Who the content provider is
  • The existence of copyright on the course material

Expiration of courses

Purchased courses on AOSIS eCPD Accountancy will remain valid until one of the following requisites has been reached:

  • One year from date of purchase/enrolment.
  • On its expiration date, indicated in its description
  • Upon receipt of your completion certificate.


CPD Sponsorships

Enhance product awareness as part of your advertising campaign to provide means for your employees to earn CPD hours online.  Learn how you can sponsor CPD.


Tax advantages

Expenses incurred by the accountancy professional for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) under certain conditions may be fully deductible for Income Tax purposes with the South African Receiver of Revenue.  Please consult your Income Tax Advisor for further information.

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